Research Institute for Translation Studies (RITS)

The decision to publish a paper is based on an editorial assessment and peer review. Initially, all papers are assessed by the director-in-charge. The primary purpose is to decide whether to send a paper for peer review or not.

Papers not meeting basic standards (for example, because of irrelevance to the discipline, or not observing the journal guidlines) may be rejected at this point in order to avoid delays to authors who may wish to seek their publications elsewhere. Occasionally a paper will be returned to the author with requests for revisions in order to assist the editors in deciding whether or not to send it for peer review. Authors can expect a decision from this stage of the review process within 2-3 weeks of submission.

Manuscripts going forward to the review process are reviewed by members of an experts panel. All such papers will undergo a double-blind peer review by two or more reviewers, under the supervision of the journal's editor-in-chief. We take every reasonable step to ensure that author's identity is concealed during the review process.

We aim to complete the review process within 8 weeks of the decision to review although occasionally delays do happen and authors should allow at least 8 weeks from submissions before contacting the journal.