Guide for Authors

All manuscripts should be submitted through our online website, www.tir.atu., and must fulfill the criteria predetermined by the editorial board of TIR which follows the standard guidelines stated in COPE, the details of which can be reviewed at the following address:


Cover letter

All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter which should be uploaded while submitting the manuscript. The letter must include a statement declaring that the study has not been published before and/or submitted elsewhere concurrently and all contributions must be clearly declared. Authors reporting experimental studies on human subjects must include a statement of assurance in the Methods section of the manuscript reading that: (1) informed consent was obtained from study subjects and (2) the study protocol conforms to the ethical guidelines. If copyright permission is required to reproduce any material in an article, include confirmation in the cover letter that such permission has been obtained from the copyright holder. 


Title Page

All submissions must include a title page containing the following information letter which should be uploaded while submitting all other attachments:

  • Type of article
  • Running Title
  • Title of the article (with the first letter of each word capitalized except propositions)
  • Full name, postal address, e-mail, and telephone number of the corresponding author
  • Full name, department, institution, city, and country of all co-authors
  • ORCIDs of all authors
  • Ethical Considerations (Please state the Ethical Code)
  • Is the article extracted from a thesis?  (Please write a statement specifying the university where the thesis was defended). This should be stated in the Title Page under the heading Ethical Considerations (Please state the Ethical Code)
  • Have the authors obtained Written Informed Consent from all patients/participants? This should be stated on the Title Page under the heading Ethical Considerations
  • Funding Sources


Manuscript Format: The manuscript must be submitted as a Word document in English (double-spaced typed in Times New Roman font, size 12 for the body, 14 bold for the title, 12 bold for headings, 12 Italic for subheadings). PDF format is not accepted. Articles should include between 6,000 and 9,000 words (footnotes, references, and appendices included). All pages should be numbered consecutively. Notes should be kept to a minimum. Note indicators in the text should appear at the end of sentences or phrases, and follow the respective punctuation marks. Contributions should be consistent in their use of language and spelling; for instance, articles should be in British English or American English throughout. Begin the References on a new page. Manuscripts submitted to TIR must be written in clear, concise and grammatical English. If not written by a native speaker, it is advisable to have the paper checked by a native speaker.



In-text: The references are in Times New Roman 10 pt fonts and listed alphabetically by the authors’ family names.

Use the following citation formats: Baker (1995) shows that … However, according to Munday (1998: 45)… Different pages (Baker 2005: 2, 4, 18) serial pages (Munday 2007: 12-20) may be cited. Use “and” to connect the names of dual authors: (Baker and Saldanha 2006). Use the abbreviation et al. when there are more than two authors: (Stanley, Livingstone et al. 2004). Use a semi-colon to separate references appearing in a series: (Stanley 2004: 45; Livingstone and Stanley 2003: 567-569). Add a lowercase letter to dates for articles published by an author in the same year: (1995a; 1995b). Latin adverbs, such as ibidem, passim, apud (use cited in: instead), must be avoided. 


End-of-Paper References:



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For other cases (and for further guidelines), please consult CMS.